Hoka Ravenna Marathon City of Art

A virtual journey into the beauties of Romagna, a corner of artistic and cooking tradition, of entertainment and hospitality from all over Italy. Get our entirely handmade mosaic medal and discover a unique piece of art in the world, just like the monuments of Ravenna, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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All stages of approach to the Hoka Ravenna Marathon City of Art. Train with us to be ready for a day that you will always remember. Train with us for your next goal!

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Ravenna Virtual Event Training Run t-shirt

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Ravenna Virtual event - None

Hoka Ravenna Marathon City of Art

One of the most fascinating marathons in the world that touches eight Unesco monuments adorned with unique Byzantine mosaics in the world and handed down for centuries with their colors and reflections still intact. And again the passage in front of the tomb where Dante Alighieri rests and many other foreshortening of Ravenna rich in history and culture.

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Ravenna Virtual event - None

Ravenna Half Marathon 21k

Twenty-one km of history and beauty to discover how time has not affected the beauty and charm of the Byzantine mosaics that make Ravenna famous throughout the world. A unique journey through works of art that the passing of the centuries has made even more beautiful, without forgetting other foreshortening of history and culture such as the Dante Alighieri tomb, the Supreme Poet who has rested in Ravenna since 1321.

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Ravenna Virtual event - None

Martini Good Morning Ravenna 10k

The heart of the city of Ravenna crossed as an authentic festival of sport and art. All the hospitality and tradition of Romagna territory in the streets of a city that has been the capital of Italy three times: of the Western Roman Empire (402-476), of the Ostrogothic Kingdom (493-540) and of the 'Byzantine Exarchate (584-751).

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What's Included

Included With Entry

  • T-Shirt
  • Hand-made mosaic medal (not included on Virtual Training Ravenna Marathon)
  • Virtual bib number
  • Virtual tourism experience (access to festival zone)
  • Digital finisher diploma
  • Sponsor coupon offer
  • Official event playlist
  • Social frame backgrounds
  • Special discount on 2022 HOKA RAVENNA MARATHON/ HALF MARATHON registration (5€)
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